Get to know us

QLM Learning was established in 2023 by Omar Abdul Fatah, a BC certified teacher, TEDx speaker, and student of knowledge, to meet the educational demands of the Muslim community in British Columbia. The acronym QLM stands for "Quality Learning for More." It was also selected because of its resemblance to the Arabic word "Qalam," which means pen. Muslims believe that Allah, All-Mighty God, taught mankind with the pen. QLM Learning is driven by Islamic principles and our objective is to attain success in this life and the next.

books on brown wooden shelf
books on brown wooden shelf

Our mission

We're on a mission to foster exceptional Islamic learning environments for Muslim children. Being the only major province in Canada without a Muslim high school, our students have no Islamic schooling option when they graduate middle school. Our ultimate mission is to help students succeed academically in a safe Islamic environment, while developing the knowledge, skills, and character necessary to become strong Muslims and community leaders.

Our vision

We want to help produce upright Muslims who are true to the authentic teachings of their faith, Muslims who have excellent character, and Muslims who strive for success in this life and the next. Last but not least, we want to help produce Muslims who live life with a divinely ordained purpose and who give back to their communities, wherever they are.